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Down Syndrome Center Podcast

Sep 7, 2023

LaTaasha Byrd joined the podcast today to answer listener questions about homeschooling.  Is homeschooling a legitimate option for children with Down syndrome.  If so, what are some important considerations that may be unique in this population?

Countdown to K

Countdown Academy

Aug 17, 2023

Gary Cimaglia, Special Olympics North America‚Äôs Vice President of Sports, joined the podcast today to give a broad overview of the Special Olympics and how you and your loved ones can be involved.  For more information, go to  

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Aug 3, 2023

Down Syndrome Regression Disorder (formerly called Unexplained Regression in Down Syndrome or Down Syndrome Disintegrative Disorder) is a diagnosis that has previously been missed or misdiagnosed in people with Down syndrome.  It is a topic in high interest amongst researchers in the field, including today's podcast...

Jul 20, 2023

Dr. Katie Frank from the Adult Down Syndrome Center in Park Ridge, IL joined the podcast to answer listener questions regarding sound sensitivity, toothbrushing, haircuts, and nail trims.  So many people with Down syndrome have sensory difficulties with these tasks and Dr. Frank helped explain her approach to...

Jul 6, 2023

The official pandemic status may be gone, but COVID still lingers.  Listen as Dr. Andy Nowalk shares with us the latest updates on COVID, including the upcoming COVID vaccine boosters.